The first images of auras can be tracked back to the ancient times when halos were depicted around the holy beings on paintings, drawings and sculptures. The term ‘body of light’ has been used by numerous religious, philosophical and spiritual teachings all over the world. There is a lot of written literature throughout times about the auric phenomena, however, aura photography (then described as electrography) only rose to the scene in the late 19th century, around 100 years after the actual photography was making its first steps.

The history of aura photography actually goes back to the 1890’s when Nikola Tesla noted that our bodies are ‘glowing’ under certain conditions while conducting certain scientific tests. In 1896 electrographs of leaves and hands were created by French experimenter H. Baravuc. In 1939 Russian engineer Semyon Kirlian developed an electrophonic imaging technique (also known as corona and Kirlian photography), whereby an object on a photographic plate is connected to a high-voltage source, and then an image is produced. When the film is developed, energy can be seen.

The modern aura photography systems are integrated packages designed to offer precise aura energy readings based on biofeedback in real time. Guy Coggins is the brains behind the modern aura photography technology. Pretty much all aura capturing devices are based on his work. This electrographic technology means that the biofeedback apparatus measures the electrical potential along the meridian points of the palm and fingers, then converts that information into an electrical frequency and displays this as colors. All colors fall into certain frequency and wavelength spectrum which can be scientifically measured. In a nutshell, that’s how all the modern cameras work.

In reality pretty much all people are able to see auric colors, but very few are aware of that. This is not a special gift of psychics and clairvoyants, however, there are people who see them more easily and without effort, but everyone can train their peripheral view to also capture this beautiful sight with their own eyes. Perhaps this is the future of aura photography - more and more people snapping auric visions with our own eye-cameras?! Until people are waking up to the amazing possibilities that exist, aura photo can be a helpful tool finding out about the deeper sides and unknown facets of yourself with the help of modern, cutting-edge technology.

Aura photo can be taken inside our downtown store at Pärnu mnt 25, Tallinn. Just pop in - it won't take long. Your full report can be either sent to your email (€20) or printed out on paper (€25). The report includes stats like size, main and possible side colours of your aura (and their meaning), the current condition of all your seven main chakras and and means to balance them, as well as fun stats like Yin-Yang (female-male energy balance in you), and the status of your emotional state of mind, overall stress level (or lack thereof) and much more!